• Courses We Provide

    As a non-profit organization, we provide a variety of courses in order to help resident's needs

    English as a Second Language for Adults (ESL)

    Level 1 to 8, $6.5/hr

    CVC and Its professional teacher group provide a ESL course for all people who speak other languages to learn English, and help them to be involved into the major society. No matter you are visitors, international students or new immigration, you all could come and join us.



    Focus on Mandarin teaching, all teacher are master level with experiences in teaching Chinese. Focus on listening, speaking, reading and writing. Textbooks are written in Mandarin without any English translations.

    MSL (Mandarin as a Second Language)


    We provide Mandarin learning programs for English-speakers. Individual programs are provided for preschoolers, elementary school students, secondary school students, and adults. Download 2018 Winter Schedule and Class Info

    Social Media, Reporting & Film Making

    $16.5/hr, Age require 10+

    The great opportunity for teenagers. Focus on creative thinking, team leadership, film making, reporting, recording arts, photography .etc.. Students have ability to make their own projects.

  • Other Courses

    We also carry other courses with CCS Education, some of courses you may interested in.

    Public Speaking Introductory Level

    This class is geared for the young elementary age student. Through language games, drama, and show-and-tell type activities students will become familiar with all eyes on them helping them prepare for future Public Speaking levels. In addition this class will provide plenty of practice with English speaking to build their confidence in the school classroom. The students are encouraged to take the opportunity of becoming a broadcaster or interviewer with Youth Channel.

    Public Speaking Intermediate

    This course strives to identify and develop the maximum potential of the individual student to help her/him communicate more effectively by using techniques that are consistent with good current methodologies. The course intends to be student oriented - allowing the learner ample opportunity to learn speech theory and technique. Language games, drama and show-and-tell type activities will help students become familiar with and comfortable in speaking, gesturing, and making eye-contact while delivering presentations to their peers. The students are encouraged to take the opportunity of becoming a broadcaster or interviewer with Youth Channel.

    Reading & Writing for Elementary School Students

    This small group sessions improve basic academic skills, reading and writing. They are designed for all students. Children’s literacy development is dependent on this interconnection between reading and writing. Reading a variety of genres helps children learn text structures and language that they can then transfer to their own writing. At the same time, practice in writing helps children build their reading skills.

    Intensive Reading & Writing for Secondary Students

    This course aims to build up reading and writing strategies for secondary students to become more efficient readers and writers. It provides intensive, individualized instruction to meet secondary students’literacy needs and increase self-confidence in reading and writing, which makes academic success possible.

    French Beginner

    This course is to introduce students to the basics of the French language, including alphabet, pronunciation, numbers, food, colors, body parts, clothing, animals, weather, emotions, telling time, introducing oneself in French, French grammar, etc.

    French Intermediate

    This course is to advance the student understanding of the French language, through grammar, phonetics, listening exercises and writing.

    Creative Writing

    Most kids have been exposed to hundreds of stories and they may have an intuitive feel for story telling. This course is to inspire kids express themselves in words, learn to write in their own natural way. It is designed to foster creative thinking and engagement in learning, improve their writing skills and boost confidence in a fun environment.

    CCS Education is registered in the Province of British Columbia, Canada, and it is located in the Greater Vancouver Area. The company has a long term working relationship with local school districts, colleges and universities. CCS is committed to share and grow as we serve our clients and community.