• What We Do

    As A Non-profit Organization, We Hold And Support Many Events In Order To Contribute the Community 

    White Rock Sea Festival

    Let's Enjoy the Summer Time!

    Support and participate the local event, organize shows and parade team

    Power Speaking Youth Awards

    Let's Speak Out Your Young Voice

    Organize the speech contest, and provide a stage to teenagers to present themselves

    CVC Youth Channel

    Everyone Is A Future Star

    Kids need to present. Provide Opportunities to teenagers, and help them to build their own channel

    Chinese Dumpling Party

    Let's Enjoy the Tradition

    Share and inform a Chinese tradition during the Spring Festival, make a gathering, and welcome people to enjoy 

    Halloween Party

    Game, Candy & Costume, This Is Your Day

    Kids need a chance to have fun together, CVC organize tiny event for Children's need

    Spring Games

    This Is Not Olympic, But You Are The Athlete Here

    Organize a Sport event, provide change and motivation to improve out door activities


    To be Involved in Major Society, To be More Valuable  

    Share business idea, exchange each other's experiences. We welcome variety business to come and share